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My other sites:
Your portal to all the net sites of Paul Egan...
www.paulegan.netGo there!

The Groove Kitchen
Cooking good music from Glasgow's West End. there!

The Ginja Room
Photography by Jamie Maitland. Also a good place to buy an iPod! there!

Beauty by Selina
Selina Stewart provides the complete beauty service on the web... there!

This is Jane
Here you can find out just that! there!

Hat Art
Originals by Alan Paterson there!

External Links. The world wide web is your oyster—but remember to come back...
The Internet Movie Database
Everything you need to know about every movie ever made. Includes TV shows as well. there!

My favourite Gnutella client. The file sharing network.
www.limewire.comGo there!

Dave's Drum Pad
About Dave Ramsay and Djembe
djramsay.comGo there!

Friends Reunited
If you came across this site looking for old UK school chums, then check this site out... there!

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