So you wanna log in?

Well, firstly, I will say this:

The restricted area of Paul's Pleasure Pad is intended only for those who will appreciate the special content. Anyone else getting in would be a very disturbing situation...

In order to sieve out those who are granted a password and those who must spend their days at I have devised a suitability test. Just fill in the questionnaire below (including your e-mail address) and I'll get back to you with a decision...

1. Your Name

2. Your e-mail

3. Your gender

4. Do I know you?

5. How old are you?

6. Finally, what’s you idea of a perfect night in?

Once you've answered all of the above truthfully click button to submit your answers:


  • If you have missed any answers out, I'll just think you’re stupid.
  • If you get no reply with 48 hours you can correctly assume you're not getting in!
  • All passwords are individual, not transferable and will be deleted if abused. So there.

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